Edulearn Air Services Academy (Pvt) Ltd is a UK registered company established in October 2010, Affiliated with the globally recognised institute Air Service Training (AST) in Perth, Scotland, Edulearn imparts trainings to aircraft maintenance engineers and aviation personnel for the aviation industries in Pakistan, Middle East and other parts of the world.


During the Dubai Air Show in November 2013, Boeing forecasted a $550 billion market for new planes in the Middle East. This was further reiterated by a record $206.1 billion order from Emirates, Air Etihad and Qatar Airways. According to Boeing, this translates to 2,610 new planes over the next 20 years.  But the bigger question was trying to understand where the skilled manpower for these new planes would come from.


Edulearn has followed and studied the stability and factors leading to this Middle East growth very carefully. As the Boeing Commercial Airplanes vice president of marketing Randy Tinseth puts it: “The Gulf region benefits from a unique geographic position that enables one-stop connectivity between Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. Additionally, over the last decade, we’ve seen a rise in low-cost carriers that have benefitted from a large youthful population, large migrant workforce and trends toward market liberalisation.”


Globally, Boeing alone has forecast a long-term demand for 35,280 new airplanes, valued at $4.8 trillion.


In Pakistan, the aviation industry is also on a rise with an increase in fleets and addition of new airlines. The government is now moving towards encouraging investments in the aviation sector as the demand significantly rises globally.